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Governor Brown proclaims state of emergency in Lake County

Governor Brown has proclaimed a state of emergency in Lake County due to the December storm. The Lake County News reports, The county of Lake and the cities of Clearlake and Lakeport are set to receive more than $900,000 in emergency funding as the result of an emergency proclamation issued by the governor on Monday. … Continue reading Governor Brown proclaims state of emergency in Lake County

Mendocino Man Arrested for Transporting Pot

A Menodocino County man has been arrested for transporting pot. According to the California Highway Patrol an officer patrolling Highway 101 Monday afternoon observed a vehicle speeding near Cloverdale. The Officer pulled over the vehicle and could smell marijuana coming from the car. A search of the car turned up 17 pounds of processed marijuana. … Continue reading Mendocino Man Arrested for Transporting Pot

Number of People Sent to State Prison in Mendocino County Spikes in 2015

The Mendocino County District Attorneys office says a review of the state prison commitments issued by Mendocino County Superior Court during the first two months of 2015 shows an increase over the same two months in prior years in defendants being sent off to the state’s “big house.” In 2011, 19 defendants were committed in … Continue reading Number of People Sent to State Prison in Mendocino County Spikes in 2015

Crews Quickly Put Out House Fire in Lakeport

Crews were able to put out a house fire in Lakeport in just five minutes yesterday morning. The Lakeport Fire Protection District responded to a report of smoke coming from a home on George Street. Chief Doug Hutchinson says it appears the fire started in the chimney. All the people inside the home got out … Continue reading Crews Quickly Put Out House Fire in Lakeport

Town Hall in Upper Lake Over Upcoming Bank Closure

Upper Lake held a town hall meeting last night to talk about what can be done to keep their bank. Westamerica notified customers back in Janaury that their Upper Lake branch is slated to close on April 24th. The loss of the local branch is a major concern for businesses who bank there. And the … Continue reading Town Hall in Upper Lake Over Upcoming Bank Closure


McDonald's Responds to Indie-Pop Duo's Viral Complaint

A rep for McDonald's has responded to an indie-rock band's Facebook post claiming the fast-food giants asked them to play a South by Southwest showcase for free in exchange for exposure. Indie-pop duo Ex Cops wrote a scathing Facebook post Wednesday alleging that the McDonald's invite said, "There isn't a budget for...

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes Sheds Eurodance for Lounge on New Track

Nathan Sykes of the Wanted has stepped out of the club and into the lounge on his debut solo track "More Than You'll Ever Know." The sultry R&B-tinged track is now available as a free download. The 21-year-old's new sound is a far cry from his band's Eurodance vibe, which came across...

DJ AM Doc, Schwarzenegger Zombie Movie Lead Tribeca Lineup

A documentary detailing the life and influence of the late DJ AM, as well as a new zombie flick that pairs Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin are among the slew of films set for special screenings at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Music doc veteran Kevin Kerslake wrote and directed As I...

Paul McCartney Revives 1969 Track for Johnny Depp Supergroup

Ever since word trickled out that Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry had formed some sort of band, information about that project — called the Hollywood Vampires — has been scant. "We've done a lot of recording together recently," Cooper told Rolling Stone last year. But now, more details are starting...

Vanilla Ice to Perform at BET Selma Anniversary Concert

BET has put together a three-hour concert to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s historic voting-rights march in Selma, Alabama on Sunday with scheduled appearances by Bill Withers and Rick Ross, among others. But it's one name in particular that has drawn scrutiny: Vanilla Ice. The president...

Hear Danielle Haim Help Tobias Jesso Jr. Pine on 'Without You'

Haim have been fairly vocal of their love for rising singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr., so it's appropriate that Danielle Haim contributes to Jesso's sweet and somber new single "Without You."  "Why can't you just love me?" sings Jesso on the longing, sentimental piano-driven track. Haim's steady rhythm keeps the song from getting too...